My Warantee

All of my flutes have a lifetime warantee on workmanship (your lifetime or mine, whichever comes first). If you ever have a workmanship-related problem with one of my flutes, please contact me to discuss it first. If necessary, I will repair or replace it (at my option) at no cost other than shipping.

For any flute purchased through my website, I provide a thirty day, no questioned asked return privilege. I don't think you should be stuck with a flute that you don't love, and you can't be sure you love it until it's in your hands. I will refund the cost of a flute if it is returned within thirty days in its original condition. This doesn't necessarily apply to flutes purchased other than through my website, but contact me to discuss if you're not happy with your flute.

Finally, I'm generally willing to accept trade-ins of my lower-priced flutes (or other interesting instruments) on a new flute.

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