In memoriam: Jack Thomas, 1930 - 2015. A Korean war veteran, accomplished woodcarver and flute maker, Jack also received numerous local, state, national and international awards in archery. He was a wonderful man, and we miss him greatly. He loved sharing with and teaching others his many talents, especially archery and flute making.

Jack graciously allowed me to display some of his carvings here. These are close-ups of his fetish carvings. Note: These are not for sale. Click on the image to see a larger version...

Buckskin Horse Head Fetish

The Dragonfly is walnut, wire legs, plastic wings.

The Big Horn Sheep is carved in one-piece cherry, acrylic paints.

Mockingbird Fetish with custom storage box.

One-piece Skull measures 3”-wide X 3” long X 1 1/4”- high, Butternut, acrylic paints, polyurethane gloss on horns.

Lotus Blossom (one piece) on a Lily Pad... 2” x 2 1/2”... carved in Butternut, acrylic paints.

The Carolina Wren is one-piece walnut, acrylic paints.
The Lotus Blossom is one-piece walnut, acrylic paints.

The Mallard Duck Decoy is one-piece walnut, acrylic paints.

The Aztec Chacmool is one-piece cherry, acrylic painted base.
The Crazy Horse Monument is one-piece cherry, acrylic paint (not for sale).

The Red Fox is one-piece butternut, acrylic paints.

The Crow is one-piece “ebonized”walnut.


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