About Me

I love making and playing flutes. I make all of my flutes myself, from start to finish. I use a variety of hand and power tools to produce the best flutes I can. I make flutes one at a time, and each flute is unique. I don't use a template or pattern for my flutes. I make a small number of flutes each year, because I don't want this joy to become work.

My flute journey began in 1995, when I first heard Geri Littlejohn playing a Woodsong Flute. It was love at first sight. I soon bought one of their flutes, and I was hooked. I began making flutes in 1997. I have gradually increased my production from making a few flutes for myself and friends to selling flutes through galleries, at shows, and over the internet.

I was honored when one of my flutes won the flutemaker's competition at the 2002 Musical Echoes event. I am a member of the International Native American Flute Association and the Southern Highland Craft Guild. I am also a member of the Asheville, Carolinas and Georgia Flute Circles.

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